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We are guided by our DE3AR values, which inform what we do and how we work each day, so that we can effectively support our clients
  • Dedicated: We are blinded by our need to work with clients repeatedly. This value-based ethos ensures that our team strives to develop true partnerships with our clients are only in it for the long term.
  • Engaged: We are dedicated to utilizing all our energies for the realization of our client-focused vision and mission, including understanding client needs and wants as well as optimizing value and success for our clients and partner.
  • Entrepreneurial: We leverage global best practices within cultural contexts to optimize impact by embracing strategic thinking, creativity, and innovation to ensure enterprising and sustainable solutions.
  • Ethical: We are guided by a strong and well-defined code of conduct that engenders a sense of trustworthiness. We strive to protect the rights of our stakeholders, infusing our work with integrity and uprightness, honesty and probity.
  • Agile: We work around any obstacle to ensure client success. In a rapidly evolving world, we adapt to find innovative solutions to complex problems by leveraging technology and bringing together a diverse team without losing a beat in productivity.
  • Responsive: We are committed to mitigating challenges and overcoming obstacles that may arise during our engagements. We work with our clients to incorporate ESG responsibility, optimize value at every step of the process, and never let limitations (financial, contextual, external and internal) hinder project success.
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Navigating Your College Admission Journey

At Easy Roadmap to College (ERTC), we are dedicated to guiding students through the intricate landscape of college admissions. However, our mission doesn’t end there. ERTC’s comprehensive services extend their benefits to counselors and families as well. Whether you’re a student seeking guidance, a counselor offering support, or a parent nurturing your child’s aspirations, ERTC is your ally in crafting compelling applications that pave the way to success.

Our offerings encompass meticulously designed courses and services that cater to every stage of the college application process, commencing from the age of 13. Our modular and building-block approach ensures steady progress while instilling confidence and clarity, transforming the journey into an enriching experience.

Who Can Benefit from ERTC?

ERTC’s transformative offerings are tailor-made for:  

  • Students (Grade 8/Year 9 and above) 
  • Parents aiming to facilitate their children’s success 
  • Counselors seeking structured support for their students 
  • Academic institutions striving to bolster students and counselors alike

ERTC presents the ultimate college application support package, addressing the needs of students, parents, guardians, counselors, and academic institutions:  

  • Students access valuable guidance to excel academically. 
  • Parents and guardians receive trusted advice and resources for their child’s success. 
  • Counselors rely on expert support to guide their students with structure. 
  • Academic institutions find a partner in fostering student and counselor achievement. 

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Our Unique Roadmap Approach, Crafting Your Own Future

At ERTC, we recognize that your journey is distinctly yours. Break away from convention and forge your unique path to a triumphant future. Our roadmap approach empowers individuals aged 13 to 18, providing the vital support to thrive academically and personally. This roadmap lays the foundation for a comprehensive university application, setting the stage for your success

Guided by Research-Backed Modules

ERTC’s approach offers easily manageable modules tailored to each year group, allowing students to progressively build a portfolio that captivates universities and colleges. By simplifying academic progress into achievable steps, ERTC instills confidence, guiding individuals through each stage of the journey. The modular strategy paves the way for steady advancement, enabling you to craft a captivating story that commands the attention of admissions teams.

Meet Our Accomplished Team

Welcome to ERTC, led by Sajida Shroff, an accomplished professional boasting an EdM from Harvard and an MBA from Emory. Our team, consisting of seasoned education experts, boasts over two decades of invaluable experience in education. Sajida spearheads a group of distinguished graduates from Ivy League institutions, specializing in charting optimal career paths and aligning college experiences with aspirational goals.  

Sajida’s influence extends across the Higher Education Leadership circles of the US, UK, and Canada, with roles in prestigious associations. Her vision has led to transformative initiatives such as the Harvard Global Women’s Empowerment and the Canadian Alumni Association UAE. Her impact is felt across a network of 35 global universities, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, and more.

Explore Our Comprehensive Products & Services

Since 2001, ERTC has empowered students to:  

  • Secure offers from top-tier schools 
  • Navigate the intricacies of the college/university system 
  • Strategize for successful career paths 
  • Align with colleges/universities that match personal and professional ambitions 

Our offerings include:  

  • Online College Advising Courses 
  • Introductory College Consultation 
  • College Advising and Graduate School Packages 
  • College List Development 
  • Financial Planning Assistance 
  • College Onboarding Support 
  • Standardized Testing Preparation 
  • College Essay Guidance 
  • Summer Timeline & Activity Planning 

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Why Choose ERTC?

Choose ERTC for:

  • Research-based College Admission Courses 
  • Expert Guidance from Ivy League and Oxbridge Graduates 
  • Personalized Advising from Experienced Counselors 
  • Early Decision/Early Action Roadmap Strategies 
  • Strengths, Personality, and Aptitude Identification 
  • Tailored College Lists Aligned with Your Profile 
  • Crafted Personalized Admission Resumes 
  • Customized Admission Plan Support 
  • Comprehensive SAT/ACT Preparation 
  • Unique Extracurricular and Summer Plans 
  • Compelling College Essay Support 
  • Stress Mitigation for Students and Parents 
  • Avoidance of Common College Admission Pitfalls 
  • Financial Planning Assistance 

Your journey to college success starts with ERTC. Begin your transformative experience today!

Achievements in Numbers

  • 90% students accepted into the top university of their choice   
  • 500 students signed up for ERTC   
  • Over 2 decades of experience in College and Career Counseling
  • 2000+ students mentored through the College application process 

Our Team

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